Colin Withrow

Introducing Elliot Isles

Colin Withrow
Introducing Elliot Isles

So for those of you who don't know you, you're a web designer and entrepreneur right? Can you talk about that some? 

I began a web development company called Ubblo a few years ago, which opened up a lot of doors for me. With the money that I was receiving from clients, I put towards other side hustles. I guess the label entrepreneur (which I hate because it's become transparent and abused) stems from working relentlessly on ideas overnight that become valid the next day. 


What type of side hustles are you into at the moment? 

 At the moment I've become more interested in the trading of domains and usernames. Which is more of a hobby then a hustle, and you can turn a neat profit if you snatch the right name. I've been quiet on websites, I'm still thinking.. don't sleep.


What's the most you've made off of a domain if you don't mind me asking? 

 I don't really know, small transactions that add up over periods of time. Not enough to say yet unfortunately. Talk to me next year. Hold that thought, had an offer that just came in for a name I'm holding now.



 What are your plans for the future? Are you in university right now?

 I'm currently studying at the university of Sydney, finishing soon! I want to head overseas after I'm done, but for now the future is burning man in September. You coming with?


Burning man is a little too crazy for me lol. Do you plan to continue with web design after you graduate? 

 I mean, hopefully I could open a small office and have a team working out of that. I want to be able to work from my phone one day. But I want to get more creative after I finish, not sure what yet but we'll see. 


 You're from Australia right? 



 You said you plan to move overseas. Would that be America?

Yep! Keen to get to NY. I couldn't imagine anything more than a small coffee shop somewhere.  Americans don't understand coffee, no offense. 


None taken. So a while back you got into some trouble with Facebook. Is that true? 

This is correct! Made a cool site and the kids got upset. Won't do that again. Or maybe I should. 



You've also done some modeling in the past. Is that something you're going to continue to pursue? 

I mean yeah sure I have and do, but not a career I think for me. Love to go into film one day, wouldn't that be cool. 


Film as far as acting or more on the directing side of things? 

Acting and directing could be good. It's a hard business but if I can work hard enough to be able to do it comfortably, sure why not. 


Have you ever gotten to visit NYC? 

I sure have.  Been there quite a few times. One of the best cities I feel. Something addictive about it. Do you feel the same way? 



 Never been sadly. Not yet at least. What's it like where you currently live? What's the vibe of the city?

 I live around the east in Sydney. But close to the beach in Bondi. It's super nice there. I also work there a few days a week so that's an added bonus. Having the beach close is nice. Never really understood how good it is to be there until recently. The people as well, if you haven't come and visited then book a ticket. 


What was life like for you growing up there? 

It was nice. Still growing up. You bump into people you haven't seen in years. That's the beauty of a tight city. But it's good to escape every now and again. I need to escape soon. 



 How did you and your girlfriend meet? Is she from the same city as you?

She's from the same city but has an English accent. Nice plot twist. I had a party and  she pulled up her white vintage Mercedes and then Cupid called me and that's how we met.  I knew I liked her from the moment she cooked up a storm in the kitchen at around 2am when we first met to sober me up. Love right?


 Nice. One of your other passions is basketball right?

 Yep. Love basketball. Huge fan. Go the Clippers.


And you have a dedicated account to basketball that has been very successful. When and why did you start that? 

I started the account around late 2013 and left it for a year. It collected dust and surprisingly 9,000 followers. So I've chipped away at it, posting new content everyday that's landed me a decent following! Goal is 1,000,000 in 5 years. Reckon I can do it? 



Definitely man. What are your hobbies outside of web design?  

Still searching for a hobby. They usually last around a week. My most recent one was jewellery making. Ordered this huge kit from the states and had it all set up to go, then my blow torch didn't work so that failed. That lasted about 12 minutes that hobby. May try rock climbing or something weird like that...  


What's your favorite music at the moment? 

At this given moment I'm playing Phoenix. But my tastes change so much. Travis Scott one day, drake the next, Jeff Buckley at night. A lot of piano and gospel can be good too. 


Great taste. What do you want people to know about you who don't already know you? 

I drink 7 coffees a day and used to have a pet pig called Basil. 


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