Next Up: Photographer John Kemmoun

Next Up: Photographer John Kemmoun

 This week I will be starting a new series called "Next Up". I will be Interviewing up and coming models, photographers and musicians. So just artists in general. Scroll down for Episode 1.


Do you think being from Paris has influenced your work?

A little bit I guess.


When did you first show an interest in photography?

When I was like 3. 


Why do you think you enjoy it so much?

I enjoy it because I'll always get to think about all these memories in 10 years.


Digital or film?



What is your camera of choice?

Contax T3 or Yashica T4.


What's the craziest thing that has happened to you because of photography? Any funny stories?

I think the craziest thing which happened to me was when I went to Belgium and I met Lil Yachty. We went to the show and he brought me on stage.


Who was the first famous person you had the opportunity to photograph?

I think it was Playboi Carti. 



What was that experience like?

It was funny to shoot Carti because nobody knew who he was at this time and he looked so happy to be in Paris for the the first time .


What was your biggest fan girl moment?

I’ve never had any fan girl moment, i’m just happy to be where I am.


What type of photography do you enjoy most?

I love taking pictures of people because I think it could be like memories for them.


How would you describe yourself to people who have never met you?

I don’t like people. I’m not really friendly. It’s weird but I've always had the same friends…  but i’m in my own world.


Who would you love to photograph that you haven't already?

Takashi Murakami would be my grail in photography.


Any brands you would like to work with in the future?

I’m working on « Safety » at the moment, but i’d like to work with Fragment.


Have you gotten to travel more since you've become more well known?

Yes, I went to New York, London, and i’m going to Los Angeles  soon and more I hope.



What's your favorite place to visit?

Japan, because I love clothes and Islands… There’s so many things to see.


Who are your role models right now?

I have no role models. I like some people. That’s it. I’m just trying to get myself out of here by my projects and work.


What's your advice for aspiring photographers?

Don't try to be someone else, do your thing the best you can.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still working on « Safety » which is my project with my best friend.


Any last comments?

Safety coming soon. 


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